Monday, June 20th, 2016


I am in week 3-ish of visiting West Coast kids. My husband and I are just old enough for the tables to be turned. The kids take care of us—host us. We live in Mexico for half the year, and people view it as a Margarita kind of vacation. But it isn’t. We are householders there with all that entails, but in Spanish!! Water leaking into the fireplace, scorpion to be caught in the book shelf, giant hole in the garden wall, y mucho mas. And of course, living in Maine is the same but with lobsters!

So. I have been so surprised at the vacation state of mind I had forgotten about:

—I read magazines I don’t care about and dig deep into a random article. Mmmmm, Perils of Composting. Fascinating.

—I have to ask what day of the week it is. And was surprised to learn it was Monday and time to write. I usually carry the days of the week in my DNA.

—I play with no sense of time or impending task. I enter the time mind of my grandkids which is a stream of pleasure interrupted by boredom or hunger or a little sibling rivalry. For instance my granddaughter and I played Peas Porridge Hot etc in varying styles for half the morning. Queen Elizabeth doing Peas Porridge. Taylor Swift doing Peas Porridge. Olaf doing Peas Porridge. You get the idea. (You do know Olaf, don’t you?)

—I retreat when I feel like it and enter into instant ‘people I love’ contact whenever I get the urge.

—I have no mandatory household task. I see the beauty in my kids’ environments. They see the peeling paint

—I’m not in charge of timing or coordinating or any kind of management. (Now for a big laugh. Oh life is so funny. My son just came in and elaaaaaborated on the schedule for the rest of the week. Then my husband came in and they talked about when to go to downtown Santa Cruz for pizza and when kids are at day camp and when and where we will have a night out without kids and when our plane leaves. I left the room and said, “Give me five minutes notice for anything but leave me out of the planning.” Wisdom hard won.

Would I want to live in the Vacation State of Mind?? 
I honestly can’t answer that question and spent the last 15 minutes wrestling with it.
Would you?


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