Monday, July 21st, 2014


I am on vacation–visiting married friends of my daughter and mine too.
My granddaughter travels with us. Easily by the way.

Everything about our friends and their house says,  “Welcome,be comfortable, enjoy.”

The house itself is welcoming and the proportions themselves
bring comfort. The space says “gracious”.  Architects talk about this feeling and so do scholars of aesthetics and it sounds very esoteric —until you experience it. Do you know what I mean?
There are certain spaces I step into and am immediately soothed, comforted, at home. This is without people involved. I’m talking about the space itself.
I wonder if all of you would experience the same thing as I do here or is it individual. Plato would say “no”.
That you would feel it too.

Then add to that welcoming hosts whose mantra is “Do what you want.
Be at home. What do you need?”  In other words, gracious to the core.
Kind, pleasant, courteous as the definition says. 

I keep thinking what a power graciousness could be in a world gone crude.


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