Monday, August 10th, 2015


You can stop reading if you are a person that is never pulled in two or four or twenty kind-of, sort-of equally important directions. It means a constant choosing. Today I’ll focus on this. Tomorrow I’ll take care of that. This matters more—— or does it?

I’m not talking about tasks so much as I am about different activities or goals.
Garden versus reading. Family versus reading. Exercise versus reading.
I’m kidding!! Mostly.  You know what I mean.

I just had a week and a half of family reunioning. And here’s what I’ll miss most. I knew that grand kids mattered most. My focus was clear. Everything else was secondary. My kids–secondary.  Food–secondary.  My reading and writing time–secondary.  Relaxing in beauty–secondary.  What a relief when there is no juggling of goals or large activities.  So I played in the basement when the day was Summer perfect. I gave up playing fairy houses for dress-up with scarves.. I watched a goofy pre-teen TV show rather than paint and color.  It was not relaxing. It was mostly fun. It was tiring. BUT IT WAS SO SATISFYING.  It re-connected me with far away grand kids. 

I knew what mattered most and did it. 
May I carry that clarity into this week that has quite a bit of juggling in it because I haven’t decided what matters MOST.
Lesson for me? Don’t waste life energy through not knowing where you want to most use it.


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