Monday, February 24th, 2014


Whooooooooa.  Mmmmmmm.  Morfgaphama. 
I’ve been in Mexico two weeks.
My husband and I live here part of the year and own a house.

The first week is always finding and fixing stuff.  Computer connections not connecting, washing machine not washing, light bulbs not lighting, (however also snow not snowing)  Brain madly trying to dig for Spanish words like toilet paper and carrot.  Making up words by adding ito or ato itito to English words and then smiling.  (Try acting out toilet paper)

Then I jumped into a five day Writers’ Conference put on in San Miguel.
Top notch. Big deal.  Workshops, networking, jibber jabber, producing,
pitching to agents—New York energy in Mexico.  Go away.

And now — por fin, I have entered the peaceful calm of lethargy. Beyond relaxing.    I sit on a balcony surrounded by a railing full of geraniums filtering sunlight so the leaves look neon.  A pepper tree grows close and make a lacy filter to the almost beginning sunset.  Hummingbirds snap at one another wanting to eat alone at the feeders.  I am surrounded by books and my iPad.
I don’t read.  I am in pre-snooze mode.  Does three naps in one day mean you didn’t ever wake up?  I am almost thinking of and almost getting up for a glass of wine, but then that would mean moving.  It is no temperature here.  Not hot, not cold.  The no temperature when your body doesn’t register too hot or too cold. 
  Reminds me of recovering from surgery. That drug induced moment of no pain, nothing to be done, comfort in knowing it won’t last but loving the respite. I get a little afraid I’ll never come out of the stupor state. That’s the terrifying part of lovely lethargy.  What if I get stuck in this state of no urgency, no energy, no oomph. No creative surge.  What if indeed?

 Then again, that’s what Mondays are for–snap you right out of that lethargy–even in Mexico.

In the meantime–Mmmmmf, morfaphama, whoooa, shzzzla pft.



  1. Envious! Enjoy your time in Mexico.

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