Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Maine Adventure Continues

First day in Maine is 62 degrees. Everyone is reveling in it and I’m too hot. I wanted a touch of Winter. I keep my mouth shut. I am shocked by how tidy everything looks. Dull, but tidy. With touches of sooty snow piles with dog doo-doo sticking out. Mexico has been crazy cold and Maine is crazy hot. Mother Nature is in menopause.

I have my granddaughter the first day. She runs through the house and is enchanted by goofy stuff. Glad it still exists. The wooden from we hide and find giving the tried and true signals of, “hot, cold, warm, hot, hotter, burning and You are on fire.” I think about how many times I have almost thrown that frog away. We play Sorry. We make popcorn. We read books. I am tired. She spends the night sleeping with me. I love the coziness but don’t sleep. She spends the next day. It’s still warm. We go outside into muddy Maine. She swings. She goes into the garage, drags out her bike, then the basketball net, then the Summer beach toys. I am in that numb stage or child care. Want coffee. None in the house. We go to the bakery across the street and that too is a museum of good memories for her. I both love her love of the familiar and hate that iit reminds me of when my mom’s house became a museum for my kids.

I go to dinner with my daughter and her beau. It is perfect. Good food (easy in Portland) good company. A welcome home. The next day we are in birthday mode for my now five year old granddaughter and stay there for a couple of days, pizza and cake and trampoline party and parsed out gifts. I love that my dear girl of five likes the colored tissue paper better that the gifts it wrapped. I twist the neon colored tissue papers and turn them into flowers and put them in a glass. We are at another great restaurant—three generations of women. I miss my mom. Issa asks if we can “pertend” that we have to ask the waitress if we can take the flowers home. We ask. The waitress says, “yes” and Issa is thrilled and so am I. I was so afraid she had passed the “pertend” stage while I was gone for two months. I also love how she accepted her Happy Birthday at the trampoline center at first singing with everyone and then realizing it was for her and  then her shy and gracious basking in the moment with not a trace of showing off. I like this kid.

I am almost peopled out when my son calls and asks me to dinner. We go to the hip part of Portland. I am out and about!! At night on a Saturday. We go to a new brewery and test Maine beer, maybe Ox Bow. Not sure. You enter from an unmarked door with a post card size neon sign that says “open”. We are sooooo darn cool. Next door is an organic wine store we visit and we are even cooler. Then to dinner at a Japanese street food restaurant and now way too cool for school. It is plain fun. So many people out milling and loving and dining and trolling and young—ing. I now assume there is a new law in Maine forbidding anything but black, gray and brown clothes. I wear red. Hooray for red!

Yesterday, Sunday, was a college day. I worked from bed editing the companion book (curriculum-ish) and hating Word and wrestling it to the ground. Damn Track Changes. And then went to dinner with my friend, Eileen, and had a bad meal. Every single thing I had tasted like Grapefruit juice. Salad, calamari, polenta cake and the wine. Even black pepper didn’t help. Home to catch some of the Oscars. I’m scared of the monster in The Shape of Water.

I meant to tell you about today, but won’t. Think of the most tedious, cumbersome, irritating day trying to get one important thing done that should take an hour but takes eight. Think of eight car trips between two places with never having all that you need (Because No One Made It Clear) and then spending a lot of money at the end. And still feeling a sense of accomplishment for getting the dumb thing done. Now I’m smiling. Guess what you think this day was about????



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