Monday, October 13th, 2014


Mars is in retrograde so why wouldn’t this week have been weird?
That I know this fact is strange enough.
I do such random acts of borderline chaos on social media that all things are possible and odd facts stick to me like velcro.

So this week I had good luck or a miracle depending on which side of the coin you fall.  I entered into a heart catheterization with a stretched out right heart ventricle (severely dilated was the term) and left with my heart looking good. All working well. No worries. Nothing stretched out and flabby like old underwear. Strong heart. (For those of you who want the miracle version, check I Pray Anyway blog)  Odd odd odd. Dr also surprised.

I had such odd fun in the cath lab. Also odd, odd, old. I went up early so they didn’t give me sedation (until later). Put together my repressed extroversion and nervousness and I turned into Tina Fey—only not funny—except to me.

First, do you know how many people are in the cath lab? About 8 if they would all only hold still.  All jabbering and jabbing and messing up. Interns wrecking everything they touch right when it’s all totally sterile. Nurses sighing and teaching interns who will earn way more than they do. Teaching interns with such big hands. That’s all I could see. Big ham hands. I kept thinking, “I hope they aren’t doing the fine embroidery work, going up into those little arteries.” Thank goodness for all the video games they’ve played!!! Everyone talking about me as if I’m not there and getting it wrong. “No No my arteries were not too small in 2011! I know I was there!”  Two of the people in the lab knew me from work and we shared goofy stuff that bored and irritated the others. And turned out to be awkward.  I asked for warm blankets and got all bundled up and it made me want to have a bottle. By the time the doctor entered to do the real thing, I was demanding like a newborn and babbling like a teenager.  He knocked me out reeeeeal fast.  

To top off weird, I now own a cat—again. How did this happen? Mars in retrograde means “Make no decisions that are long lasting”. My husband has been adamant that he would never love again (dramatic music) after our last two cats died. I watched my daughter use magic coaching technique to talk him into a “family outing” to explore the idea of a cat for my granddaughter saying that a house without a cat just hasn’t seemed normal for her since ours died!! Did she come home from the animal shelter with a cat? No. Did my husband glom onto a cat within two minutes of entering the shelter? Yes!  Is the cat nondescript and boring? Am I still allergic to cats? More odd, odd, odd.

Was my week boring? No. Is Mars in retrograde? Yes.
Am I nuts?  Be quiet.
Am I lucky? You bet.


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