Sunday, July 31st, 2016


I am often my own best entertainment. I get myself into crazy situations.
And so does my husband who recently drove down the street to the supermarket dragging our granddaughter’s pop-up tent playhouse behind his car, happily waving to everyone who was madly waving at him! Yep. Bright red,yellow and blue five feet by five feet playhouse. It didn’t tumble so we just lost the floor!!! 

But I have temporarily lost my sense of humor. It happens. I know it will come back. I just hate this darn election season. I was going to say I feel grim or sober or something worse. But that’s not it.

For one thing, I am bored even with the extraordinary weirdness of election 2016. It’s not the personalities or character of the candidates. It’s that is all feels so stale. Even Bernie. Even with a woman candidate. We need a new process for election. We may need a constitutional redesign (it was meant to be an ongoing evolving document and experiment). Left/Right, Conservative/Liberal, Trust/Control Naivete/Skepticism, True/False, Evil/Good. We are polar thinkers locked into a polar system that thinks only in ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

 A friend told me of her neighbor who had printed out copies of the Republican and Democratic platforms and intends to give them to people–and–who thinks they won’t be read because people don’t want to think. They want relief from fear (which never produces thinking) or to enjoy a vile celebrity kind of competition of personality that satisfies the need for entertainment and excitement. Boring, boring boring, stultifying,and soporific. You know it’s bad when danger and extreme behavior become numbing.

We need a new governing system that has a global strategy with global goals and principles and accountability’s. More than NATO, more than the UN, more than treaties. 

We need a world wide group of thinkers willing to address dilemmas and then the ability to go out and get support for the ideas. We either have a good revolutionary transition or an unimaginable messy chaotic revolution of the disenfranchised everywhere.

How do we allow for cultural differences of each country and still have a unifying global point of view?

How do we avoid being paranoid but still be vigilant about sick people doing damage to us all?

How do we unite and strengthen the energetics among people with a new vision so that it begins to permeate at the DNA level and through day to day decisions

How do we begin to shed the divisions among religions and within so that the essence of compassion and tolerance is fierce and compelling with no violence needed.

How do we create equitable economic systems that give good abundance to all or most and limits the too much extra that is global waste?

How does each country and culture be proud without being more proud than others? Better than. 

What if every jerk (and you know what I want to say) that exhibits too much jerkiness is sent to a jerkdom on a newly discovered planet? Maybe my humor is coming back.

But I want to be in a room with people who now how to wrestle with these kind of dilemmas. So not boring. So not defeated at the get go. So idealistic.
So what!!!


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