Monday, May 25th, 2015


Was not going to write today. It’s Memorial Day in the United States when we honor our military dead.
A day off.  A Holiday.  A BanK Day.
All I had to do was say, “See you tomorrow, readers”.
And I couldn’t seem to do it.
So here I am.

While people picnic and drink beer and throw Frisbees, I feel uncommonly solemn.  After a busy social week-end, I am ready for some solitude.
And not enjoying it.  

I am sad for every person killed and for every person who had to kill in service.
I am sad for every family that has been ruptured.
I am sad for any cause that makes people think it is morally good to kill someone.
I am sad that the response to madness seems to have to be more madness.
I am sad for our world that we don’t know how to have conflict without killing..

I have fond childhood memories of what was then called Decoration Day.
My blue collar neighborhood had a flag on every porch.
We, kids, decorated the spokes of our bikes with red, white and blue crepe paper and circled our street in one continuous flow.  (Forty kids in one block)
My mom made corsages for my teachers of blue bachelor buttons, white Mock Orange and a red rose from our back yard.  It was done. No currying favor.  
She also had my teachers over for end of school lunch. Blue collar gentility.
Decoration Day was proud.  We loved our “soldiers”, we loved a feeling of victory, and we loved decorating to remember them.  

So, yes, I feel sober today. 
I keep hearing Tiny Tim, celebrating a different holiday saying, “God bless us, everyone”. Indeed.


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