Sunday, November 3rd, 2013


I was heartened by the World Series.  

First of all both the Red Sox and the Cardinals were decent people with good Managers. 
Not to be taken for granted. Respectful competitors.  

BUT mostly  I love that ‘team” is what did it for the Red Sox
Clearly defined common goal.
Unifying commitment made visible with the symbolic beards
No super stars
When one team member fell back, another emerged
Unswerving determination
Ability to toss off momentary defeat
The whole being  larger than the sum of the parts.
Heart felt bond between players
Synergy in the best sense of the word.

A steady path to a gloriously satisfying moment of victory.

But the team won’t last
The draw of the dollar with pull it apart.
Would they choose to do it again together?  Could they?
How much was method and how much was magic?
Would they want to test the premise of team?
I would love to see it.

Why?  Because I believe in the method.  The method is the magic!!



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