Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Mexico to Maine

I don’t pre-write Truth Burps and I traveled all day yesterday so, travel with me as I share my diary for yesterday as I went from Mexico to Maine.

6am David brings me coffee. Next door neighbor comes to say goodby and brings me Mexican Cheetos for the trip. She helps us get to the Taxi on the corner which is no mean feat. Our street is getting a new sewer. The house doors are not three feet from the ground. We have to toss the luggage, open our gate and use it to hang onto as we lower ourselves to the ground. We do it and trundle off bumping and tripping over rock piles. The car service guy comes to help. Nice.

Off we go. Nice driver and I talk and talk and talk about life and love. He hates drama. We laught because he talks in English and I talk in Spanish. Traffic is heavy (Monday not a smart day to travel) and slow trucks with gravel spit at us if we get too close. A lttile worried but still we stop for cafe de olla– the best authentic coffee of Mexico–cinnamon and honey slow steeped in a pot. I tell him about my red cup of hope and promise to bring him one.

I arrive in time to join a long line. I hold places for people who want to use the bathroom. It becomes a joke. Americans come back and give a nod. Canadians are profuse with thanks. Mexicans bring me back coffe and a sweet. We all gab in line. I meet a couple–wife has family in Maine and the man and I went to same college in Indiana. He was a Senior and I a Freshman. He said he had a fraternity brother in love with me.I don’t remember the name.

I reach front of line and am sent to immigration. Bumpety bump, slide, glumpety dropety drop for one hundred yards at least. Do imanginary paperwork. And back 100 yards. And back to lind. And back to waiting. Make it to the desk. Get boarding passes and am sent to yet anothe window to pay for my one underweight piece of luggage.

Onto gate and plane. I have no seat mate. Simple pleasure. Behind me two young Mexican men talk. Both going to Chicago to work in a bank. Talk about expectations of trouble with passports. They are techies and laugh about the Trump wall ans a stupid, antiquated idea. They suggest a modern method of planting chip in legals. I can’t tell if they are being funny or serious. Evesdropping only takes you so far in a second language

A Chinese couple in front of me. Two cameras each and travel pillows, folding walking sticks, goofy pith helmets and elaborate headphones. They are alseep before the plane takes off. Woman across the aisle has mathcing face mask, purse and backpack. How?

I am grumpy now. Why didn’t I bring ear buds. Elaborate woman talking so loud with her seat mate. I am part of the conversation whether I want to be or not. She manages all of this with her face mask on. She has four kids 6, 10, 8 and 6. One excels in gynastics. She was married to a three star general. He has the kids. The ten year old shaved his head with dad’s electric razor. They switch to dog talk. iPhones are out to share pictures. I’m a cat person. I hear a Mexican cartoon buzzing out from loose headphones. I hate everyone. I’m in the misanthrope stages of travel.

Lovely flight attendentent brings cup of hop ( ie.coffee for those who don’t know me well). This is Aero Mexico and the flight attendents are trim and polished with snazzy uniforms and are intense with their work. No blowsy, bored momen in 50’s uniforms. It made a difference. Same coffee. Very different service.

We begin to land. Landing brings 7 year old boy to life. He makes plane going down sounds ending in a crash sound. It is funny. Then he beging to sing and sing and sing the same lyriics from some movie. “I knew I could fly.” “I knew I could touch the sky.”  On and on. We all land happy and smiling. Off the plane into Atlanta land.

Second Leg of Mexico to Maine tomorrow





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