Monday, November 17th, 2014


Actually, I want both but I have my life organized to have neither.
Or NOT organized to have both!

I love spur of the moment ideas and actions. They provide zest, vitality, surprise, a “why not?” attitude.  Playing hooky is heaven.  Being just a little outrageous makes spur of the moment even better.  Planning to go to a nice dinner a week ahead of time isn’t half as good as doing it on the spur of the moment. It doesn’t have to be a big grandiose plan.  In fact it has to be NO plan just a sudden decision to do something you want to do NOW. I bought a stove this week in 10 minutes when I went to the store to buy a timer!!!
I had a quick cup of coffee with my daughter when we both needed to be somewhere else and were running late.   My husband and I impulsively got a new cat (dumb, swore not to, didn’t wrestle with the decision) on the spur of the moment.  Big or little, It’s invigorating.

Flow of the moment is a different animal from spur of the moment.
It happens when there is time enough to allow something to emerge.
There is the same quality of doing something you hadn’t planned to that gives pleasure but  there is a sense of flow and timelessness. I was reading a cookbook and I moved into a soup making marathon with no hurry and no fuss.
Three soups in an hour was easy, satisfying, fun. No missteps.  On a Sunday afternoon, my granddaughter took a nap easily, my daughter and I played cards and moved into cooking dinner together.  None of this was planned.
It just happened. That’s what I mean by flow of the moment. It feels like there is enough time–a rare occurence for me.

Am I nuts or is your experience of time like mine?  I like most of what I do or have to do. But my life is lived in fragmented chunks of over commitment to a schedule, a calendar. We all live this way which is why allowing for spur of the moment activities or flowing into a nice moment is difficult. Too much planned time.  

I’m thinking of going off the grid of the calendar every other week to allow a more organic use of my time.  Of course, I’d have to coordinate with you to
go with me. There’s the dilemma, right there.  We are all over booked and the serendipitous likes freedom.


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