Tuesday, July 8th, 2014


I’m sitting on my side porch, my favorite perch to read or feel at home.
Old wicker, flower boxes and sun faded pillows.

I sat here yesterday for the 4th of July with some spray from rain.
AND I felt “freedom”.
I was happy.  All events were postponed. I had needed a people break.
I was sequestered by bad weather.
I was alone.
I FELT FREE. Unencumbered.  
No expectations. No one I had to share with. No plans. 

Then I wondered about who might appear to “infringe” on my freedom.
With their own definition of “free”.  Probably someone I love.  BUT.
What happens when more than one person wants their  freedom at the same time? Different freedoms?  Feeling “free” to come sit with me whether wanted or not. Am I “free” to say, “go away” It can get complicated fast.
I know the answer.  
I raised a family of five kids.
Rules begin.
Principles are developed.
Punishments incur.
Negotiation is endless to arrive at a “fair” amount of freedom for all.
How do you give maximum individual freedom without destroying the whole group?

Our country used to be good at that.
Now we all want to just sit on our side porch and have our own freedom even if it involves taking someone else’s. The whole has to matter as much as the individual if you want a culture of maximum fair freedom for all.  

Happy Fourth of July! 


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