Monday, December 26th, 2016


Is it Monday? 
Was it Christmas?
I confess. As official Christmas celebrations came to an end last night, I settled into my chair to enjoy the lights and tree AND two of each kind of cookie I didn’t eat while being busy and thinking myself prudent to avoid them. We had lots of cookies so maybe my total consumption was 18 cookies. Oh come on. You’ve never done this??? They were fabulous and I nibbled and tasted each one dipping into just right black coffee. Who needs alcohol. I am truly sugar hungover.

My best moments:
–decorating the house. I never know what I will do, but pull out odds and ends from Christmas’ past and begin to create until I know its right. It’s organic and not at all formulized like many of our holiday rituals are.

–my 82 hear old husband being pulled on a sled by my daughter’s boyfriend  on the ice in our front yard and being catapulted to the finish. His laughter was better than the three kids waiting for him and caring for him and assuring him h he was all right. He was very all right.

–making green posole for a Mexican tree decorating fiesta. I was in the kitchen, alone, with Christmas music on, creating. (recipe from Epicurious is a good one)

–being just fine with a holiday that broke many rituals and traditions because flexibility was needed.  Made me think of the world in this way. Truly it did.
Old forms are falling away. New ones not created yet. And so our time is one of 
chaos and new ways are only beginning to form. What’s needed? Flexibility, love, connection with people as we muddle through,more love, beauty, and hanging  on to what matters most from the past–the ornaments of our life and time. New forms will come.


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