Saturday, May 13th, 2017


Who knows how things work?  I do know that one day, maybe three years ago, I bumped into an ancient email (and I use GMail) from a college friend. We were inseparable our Freshman year. Life happened and we lost touch. (I like that phrase–lost touch) We lost touch, not spirit.
And so we correspond. Often–laughing, telling our truth, sighing, hurting when the other hurt, telling our stories and musing. My friend is a muser. She muses. Beautifully. I share this musing with her permission. She recently ended an email with it.

acts of compassion, acts of random kindness, consideration–these are the human gestures i find uplifting. righteous conviction, blatant self-interest, hatred and prejudice in all their guises, intentional deception–these are the human behaviors that make me discouraged and sad. i choose to and must believe that most people desire and strive to be “good” and that what is considered “news” are, in fact, aberrations and acts of ignorance.


always choice.


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