Monday, August 14th, 2017


I have had a wonderful Summery Summer
I almost take for granted that I live in beauty, that I have ease, that my family people are all healthy, that I can buy food when I need it, and I can be frivolous. And I am a white woman second from the top of white males, thinking of the unfairness of that white man at the top and ignoring all the other rungs of the ladder below that of privilege.

It’s so fake humble to say I am privileged as a way to manage the the truth that I am over privileged.

I wrote an inane comment to my black pastor about people learning to love in order to survive.
He wrote back, “maybe”. I wrote my comment as an over privileged person who watches  awful hate from a somewhat safe distance. Of course nuclear missiles carry long range hate, so I am closer than I think.

I did watch news last night and was amused and very discouraged to see four guests erupt into furiously shouting their opinion at one another. It was out of control. They were re-enacting the Charlottesville riot. Thank goodness for a break for ads. Maybe we need a world wide break to cool our fevered opinions of rightness.

So another beautiful Summer day. I will enjoy it. I will have fun. I will have coffee with a friend. I  am too far along in life not to savor what is good. But I have a pebble in my soul as I ponder my privilege and what to do with it.


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