Sunday, March 15th, 2015


We live in a world gone shallow and broad
To dig in deep is viewed as odd

I skim the world with nervous eyes
News at a glance produces sighs

I can’t keep up with events and friends
Wondering how a treadmill ends

With its constant movement and forward flow
There is no choice but go go go

Inured to this daily breathless pace
I temporarily stepped out of the race

You’ll never guess what made me halt—
My coffee maker developed a fault

Don’t get between me and my caffeine
My addiction forced me to use my bean

Out came my dad’s old percolator
Meant to throw it out sooner or later

I washed it and filled it with water and grind
As another world came into my mind

Breakfast was slow, lots of time at the table
The scene in my head turned into a fable

“Once upon a time when time still existed”
When friends were few and never listed

No one hurried, but no one was late
Everyone moved at the same 50’s rate

No flexible schedules, or 24/7
Every darn thing had time to leaven

My coffee took time, nothing automatic
Maybe I am just a romantic

But time stood still as I listened to soft  perking
Bubbling aroma stopped the time clock lurking

I stood and I watched as the coffee turned color
And wondered what could possibly be duller

Than waiting and watching for coffee to drink
Without hurry or worry or having to think

Then time wasn’t precious nor wasted away
Just a normal ritual of a non-hurried day

No need for celebrity or fame
No one noticed who knew your name

On Starbucks, on Dunkin, on Green Mountain too
We love you and need you, don’t you be blue

We’ll speed up  again with our new coffee maker
But today we MAKE time for our old percolator!!!


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