Monday, January 9th, 2017


I have been told that Mars is in retrograde so “the best laid plans of mice and men” are going agley—every darn day. 

Evidently retrograde Mars likes to mess with technical stuff.
I feel like I live in a grotesque Toy Story with mean devices
My iPhone doesn’t ring or rings randomly
My computer shows a signal but says to wait seven thousand seconds and try again. The microwave gave it up. (PS–did you know you can get a metallic blue 
microwave when you ordered silver?? Come on Marsy!) The house fire alarm goes off at the first whiff of steam. (I have grand kids who are terrified to walk by it having experienced the stark terror of the first 3 seconds of alarm)

And I have odd words to be used in describing Christmas—”off and awkward”.
We did break tradition and ritual so there is that. But all the joy was before and after, not during. There were good moments but nothing worked easily. Presents were opened by the wrong people. Santa was totally confused about stockings.
Tree lights went off and on and off and on. 

My book I PRAY ANYWAY:Devotions for the Ambivalent was to be released January 1. I delayed my annual trip to Mexico to February 1. Mars messed with production and it will be released (from what?) on—–February 1 and I leave for Mexico on February 2nd. 

My granddaughter and I have a phrase we use to make light of 20 million dropped puzzle pieces, jelly down toast on the floor, lost game pieces, broken Popsicles, and (horror of horrors) an iPad with no signal. We look at one another and say, “Bumpity Day”. We look at one another with wonder at “what is going on” rather than with crabby blame (that’d be me).

So, I’m looking at you with wonder saying, “Bumpity Day” and hope it makes you smile when you need it. Maybe Mars has left you alone, but here’s the good news—word has it that Mars goes out of retrograde today!! I’m ready for some


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