Sunday, January 5th, 2014


I began to think about resolutions and gagged to a stop.
What a perfect arena to be an optimistic pessimist.
Yea for starting.  Nay for assuming failure.  Yea.  Nay.  Yea.  Nay.

I really am an optimistic pessimist.
Did you know pessimists hit the nail on the head as far as predictions go?
Optimists not so much.
There’s all kind of research on this.  
We need optimists to spur us on and pessimists to keep us grounded enough to get something done.

So am I a happy sad person?
A positive negative person?
A light hearted dark person?

I don’t know.
Joseph Campbell (as always) says it best for me.
I’m a joyful realist.

Go Joe:

“The warrior’s approach
is to say ‘yes’ to life.

Participate joyfully
in the sorrows of the world.

We cannot cure the world of sorrows.
but we can choose to live in joy.

When we talk about
settling the world’s problems right
we’re barking up the wrong tree.

The world is perfect.  It’s a mess.
It has always been a mess.

We are not going to change it.

Our job is to straighten out
our own lives.”

Joseph Campbell


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