Monday, November 28th, 2016


Decorum.  Yep, ‘decorum”.
Maybe I’ve watched too much Downton Abbey and The Crown.
And even those took place as decorum crumbled.

I am a rule breaker, an informalizer, a chaotic creator.
And a balancer.
I tend to lean the other way when there is too much of something.
Too much sad, I’ll bring in joy.
Too much craziness, I’ll emphasize sanity.

And I am wanting decorum.
No more nightgowns for dresses. Quit cutting out pieces of your clothing.
No more f bombs on TV or as the most commonly used expletive
No more bluster.
No more hysteria
No more puerile hauntings of people’s private sex lives

We are a fevered people across the globe
We need world wide acupuncture to cool all of us down.
I might even begin to tolerate Robert’s Rules of Order

We do need action–cool and calculated
We do need commitment–the boring diligent kind
We do need calm skills to listen across differences to build collaboration where none seems possible
We need new processes for civil discourse and expert facilitation of them
We need impulse control
We need the discipline of a unifying vision that is worth the irritation and long term effort to bring to fruition
We need to quit making one another wrong while in strong strong disagreement.

For those of us in the US how about The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as a starting point? There’s a worthy experiment.


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