Monday, April 11th, 2016


I often think I am going to write about one thing and then out of nowhere comes another idea. An idea burp. This idea makes me laugh because it’s both foolish and wise.  In other words it makes me happy.
I write because I want to connect and because I have lived long enough to have some wisdom and some foolishness to share.
I know when to cry and when to laugh.  I know when to persevere and when to lie fallow.  I know my own shadow and my radiance. I am on the cusp of realizing that every darn thing is precious and the closer I get to whatever comes after this experience of living makes everyday more intense. I know not to waste my breath. I say a louder “yes” and a louder “no”. I have a living compendium of mistakes and regrets that are the bedrock of my personal wisdom.
I just had a birthday.  I am now 72 years old. Old people, I’m talking old. Age. Aging. Lovely, smart, experienced, seasoned, humorous, knowledgeable, OLDER than many. Maybe our culture is ready to revere aging to see the richness it brings. AND to see how it can guide those who are younger.
Research is beginning to show that our  20,30,40, 50 (maybe 60 year- olds) are anxious about purpose and how to live a life. It’s hard to get to know your future self and how to grow into it. Life coaching helps, but it is a profession of younger people. So the trick is to find someone a lot older who is a future self you could be. Then ask for advice and soothing and experience and partnership. 
Here I am. Ask me.


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