Monday, November 10th, 2014


I can mess up any operating system in a minute. I do have computer anxiety.
I took a class long ago with my direct reports at work. They can validate this story. The teacher said, “Don’t worry, you can’t do any damage.”  Well, I did. Who knows how? The teacher didn’t. Kept saying, “I don’t believe you did this!!”

Needless to say, I have a little sense of Jinx when it comes to technology.
And I have “learned incompetence” from having had good support people around me at work, where I just yelled, “Help”.  Often and loud. 

I got in a “Let’s create order!” frame of mind this last week-end. Not good.
I don’t do order so well.  I’m a clear thinker in chaos, but should not approach
minute ordering. I do well with “glumps”.

I decide to clean up my computer and iPad. (So go your closets, so go your iPad and computer)  Let’s say I had many many many many emails to trash.
Many, many. I turned on the cooking channel and began my clean-up.
I’ll never share how many hours passed!

But, for one glorious moment I had ZERO emails. I didn’t mean to delete the last 100 so if I haven’t responded to you, now you know why. (See what i mean?) But it felt great.  A little odd, like I had no friends or importance in the world but exciting. No burden, no guilt, no clutter.  I did the same with my iPad (not as easy).  I felt like i was on helium. 

But then, no email appeared for a day and a half. Bye, bye freedom.  Hello anxiety.  What did I miss?  Who had I offended? What great surprise did i
pass by? I had pressed too many random keys which is my approach to technology. So I pressed random buttons again and there were 200 plus emails immediately in front of me. I felt safer. And I felt chased. How to stay ahead of the onslaught? 

Food for thought.  Still chewing on it.
I bet you are too.


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