Monday, July 25th, 2016


That question used to be asked in workshops and interviews all the time.
Not the most innovative question, but revealing.
I just had the gift of 24 hours to myself. I’m not surprised at what I chose to do but it was telling.

First I reveled in the open space I had. I was carbonated and kind of giddy with well being. Sounds sort of 7th grade doesn’t it, but I was beyond pleased with the prospect. The day was more perfect Summer on a plate. I decided to follow my own nose for the day. No plans. Just the question, “Are you happy now?”

The upshot is that I read and read and read changing where I sat periodically so that I had a new view of Summer. I had two moments that always pop up when I have extended solitude. In early afternoon I began to feel like I ‘should’ go to the beach or walk to the nearest lighthouse and kind of wanted to do both. 
In late afternoon I began to feel just a little lonely. I vaguely thought about calling someone to go to dinner. No,no,no,no. My show stopper question (for life actually)is, “Is this the best way to use time?” My heart beats are limited. (So are yours.) 

And so I sat and and read with tiny breaks to feed my work horse/nag by watering a few plants and putting in laundry. I followed no clock but my internal impulse. Carrying my red cup of coffee with me. 

I kept a diary for the day. One line says, “Indulgence is so good for the soul.
Maybe not the body, but what a happy soul I have today!

For my crazy details of the day; see diary at


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