Monday, October 28th, 2013


Entropy lurks.
Go with it.

That’s been my lesson the past few weeks.
I’ve been on a “create order–be planful” kick that  isn’t working.
Just reading the definition of entropy made me laugh–“a degree of disorder and randomness in the system”.

A degree of disorder and randomness in the system???  Oh yeah!

I plan a trip with my husband to visit the family of one of our five kids and “bingo” another kid with kids wants to come here during the same week.

I decide to spend Thursday night writing and my local grown daughter suddenly needs a baby sitter because her schedule has gone blooey.

A year ago we empty out our garage with the gift of help from my Boston son and his wife.  We celebrate being normal grown-up people with a garage you can actually use.  Just today, they arrived with a truck load of things to store in the garage!

My client work doubles right when I decide to taper.

I just took down Fourth of July decorations from my mantle.  I can’t find the cold medicine I need.  The stacks of books in my home office have become
landslides, and I can’t find my favorite heavy coat. Found last week’s blog still in “draft”  And these are only the things I’m willing to share

So I soothe my self.
I long ago decided to say yes to the mess. 
And I have to remind myself.

Yes to the Mess for me means:

Family over schedule
Good work over clean house
Comfort over order
Friends over errands and tasks
Spontaneous fun over any plan I’ve made
Enjoying the vitality of surprise over plan
Room for random over too tight an expectation
Letting life have its way over always my way
Appreciating the humor of the mess over taking it soooo seriously 

Life doesn’t stay tidy for long anyway.
So when the control and order bug starts to make me say “no”, I remember my decision to say yes to the mess for the life in it.


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