Monday, September 23rd, 2013


I set a goal for myself to write two weekly blogs for one year.
To see if I would maintain the discipline and to see if I enjoyed it.
One personal and one professional.

Funny thing about goals.
Or lists.
They have a specific focus and one of the things they do is help you to say “no” to everything that is NOT the goal or focus.

Well, I set a goal to write.
Wasn’t thinking so much about being read.
I just had words to get out of my system so I could put more in.
Sort of an extreme readers’ dilemma.

Anyway, I am beginning to hear from more and more of you.
And I love it.
I’m a talker so I love conversation and dialogue.
More like we’re at the table together and less like I have a homework assignment.

On some anal day, I’ll try to build in more interactivity.

Anyhow, thank you.  Very fun.

And great lesson about goals.
How to make them specific enough to get the job done, but not so narrow you leave out the most important (and so obvious as to be invisible) part.

I want you to read what I write
And I want to hear your thoughts.
There.  Better goal.


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