Monday, February 23rd, 2015


Where to start?
I think this is what has struck me this week.  There are just so many talented people in this world.  That’s one point.  And the second is, much of this talent has to struggle to find a place to express it, use it, grow it, and more importantly, make some money with it. And the third is, there are places and people who work to solve this lack of connection between artists and survival.

I took my husband to a doctor’s appointment.  Two women in the waiting room were busy creating.  One was hooking an original rug that was sophisticated and gorgeous (I say this in case you are thinking macrame of the 70’s) and the other was knitting a complicated afghan in a cashmere creamy color. High level skill.custom artistry.  Where to show them and sell them was the question.
Let me mention Cia–a coffee in South Portland who is dedicated to displaying local artists. Thank you Cia

I’ve written a book and need a cover design. Before working with a local artist,
I went onto oDesk.  The amount of talent on this site is shockingly large and shockingly good.  It’s an online free-lance market place for artistic talent.
I talked with talent from Macedonia, France, Sweden and the Philippines.  The portfolios are fun to go through. Thank you oDesk.

My daughter sings with three different groups.  Adult groups. They play for the love of their art. Yes, she loves her day job but she also loves her song. And so she and her colleagues schlep and drive long distances and haul equipment for the pleasure and the creative expression of performing and maybe just enough money for gas and dinner.  Last week was different. They performed at The Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine. Here artists are treated royally. Lovely venue, well equipped. Delicious hot meal ready for performers  after sound check. Hot coffee,water, beer, wine at the ready.  Living room setting for the Green room.  No sticky floor and stale doughnuts.  Even a cake with the bands name on it was on the table. No food or drink during performances. The audience comes to listen. After the performance, homemade pizza just in case artists were hungry. My daughter’s group was stunned and giddy and ecstatic with gratitude.  And got paid a decent wage. Thank you Stone Mountain Arts Center

I won’t even get started on books. I have a good eye for finding books that I will like. I am rarely disappointed. I read one book about every three days and don’t run out of unique well written books. This not only means, I’m a profound bookworm, but that also, there are so many good authors out there. I am glad for self-publishing for the hope that it brings to isolated dedicated writers. Thank you CreateSpace, lightningsource, and all the other new channels for writers. No more arrogant agents blocking the way.

Wow, I’m getting up a head of steam. What am I–an NPR campaign host?
We need our artists to enhance our lives, to say what we don’t yet know, to bring beauty that soothes and inspires when the News does not and to hint at the transcendent. I can’t stand budget cuts for the arts and I thank everyone that does a part in supporting talent of all kinds.  What if everyone had help finding their gift and using it?  I mean everyone.  What would happen to hate?

“Artists are the radical voices of civilization”  Harry Belafonte (I watched the Oscars)


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