Monday, September 26th, 2016


I’m so glad it’s Monday!
AND a new day and it’s looking like another Fall beauty.

I need a new day. Yesterday was one of those dark days of the soul.
Mad at the world without reason.
Nothing worked.
I fussed. I fumed. Nothing satisfied. All this, while knowing it was too perfect a day to ruin.
I ruminated in past regret. (What? You don’t have any?)
I decided to work. Couldn’t focus because I wanted to “enjoy” the day.
I got existential—”What’s it all about?”
I forced myself to lunch with a friend for respite but the respite didn’t last longer than the lunch.
I took a walk. Still a cat on a hot tin roof.

Finally relief came. My husband was sick with a cold. I decided to make soup for him. Couldn’t bear the thought of going to the store. I grabbed bit and pieces of worn out veggies and began to create. Onions, celery, carrots–big chunky pieces. Chop with a vengeance. Throw them in olive oil to saute. Add cumin,
tumeric. Smells great. What else. Green beans. Made the soup happy. Poured in chicken stock, (homemade on some way better day) and tasted. Something missing. Looked around. Threw in sweet potatoe in big chunks and some ginger. Looked good. One more refrigerator scrounge for cilantro!!!! As my granddaugter would say, “SUPER tasty”.

Doing something for someone else saved the day.
Creating saved the day.
Soup saved my darn day, I tell you.


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