Monday, December 15th, 2014


As social animals who are biologically wired to fight or flight,but we are evolving into the need for collaborative and cooperative behavior.  In other words, we will either wend our way to more civilized behavior or we won’t have any place on earth to wend.

So we (not enough of us) try to be nicer. We swallow our anger. We agree when we want to violently disagree. We tolerate people who irritate the hell out of us. We manage to stay calm when we are shaking inside at injustice. We don’t scream with every frustration.  

So what to do with all the withheld primitive feelings?  SPIT, SPIT, SPIT.
I mean this literally.  I’m reminded again of my now 18 month old granddaughter—my guru. She is an eater and will take anything into her mouth. But she sure won’t keep it in if she doesn’t like it.  Out it comes within a nanosecond. (NO.DON’T LIKE IT. WON’T HAVE IT.  CAN’T/WON’T DO IT.) 

And I remember a time when I visited same daughter in Malta where she was a foreign exchange student.  It was New Year’s Eve. I was jet lagged. She had been up studying for finals and getting ready for my visit.  We were good and grumpy. We went up on top of her roof and named every discontent we had and then spit over the side. We were happy at the end—and thirsty too. Since then I have had a spit fest more than once.

Any time you can take something festering inside you and make it physically symbolic, it is ridiculously relieving and effective. Spitting is just the fastest and easiest and most primitive method.  Don’t laugh or cringe or go “yuk”.  Just  spit out your hatred, your cynicism,l your disappointment, your anger—your poison. Refuse to swallow bad stuff. Get it out of your system fast. Be your own poison control center.  


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