Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Stewing In “Maybe”

Truth burps 1/20/18

Wow. Maybe Whaaaw! Maybe, I’ve been watching too much Frankie and Grace on Netflix. Maybe I’m homesick. (I hate that the computer is the only place all of my loved ones exist at the same time, floating on Cloud.

I am tired of “maybe” in my life. (Hey people, I am burping truth today!)

Maybe, we will live in Mexico full time.

Maybe one of us will be limited enough that we won’t be able to move at all.

Maybe I want to write a book that contributes to damn good leaders and wonderfully productive, vital workplaces that are good for customers and the people who serve them.

Maybe I want to write a memoir. I have had an interesting life, funny and poignant. People are always telling me I should write about my life when I tell them a story that I have totally forgotten about that the conversation triggered.

Maybe I should read my self to death—until death. Every moment spent reading is worth it.

Maybe I should devote myself to grandchildren, far and wide and give that piece of impact to the world.

Maybe, I PRAY ANYWAY:Devotions for the Ambivalent (and its guidebook coming out in April) can do some good, can help soothe souls that are aching.

Maybe I should focus on enjoyment only and on making my health a full time job.



Maybe sucks. Being stuck stinks Living becalmed on the surface and roiling below is debilitating Knowing that I may only have five truly productive years left is like a very harsh deadline. Living as if  I do only have five years lift to create is self-limiting. I want to widen my focus and impact not limit it, so the question is, HOW to do that, not “IF” I should do that. I do know that pessimists test as being better predictors of events. I do know that optimists make things move and open the energy for different That means I’m not so good at reality predictions and they don’t interest me.

Mmmmm. Speaking truth always helps and this blog is dedicated to TRUTH Burps. What do I say to myself? “Clarity will come. Keep talking. Keep moving in many and all directions. You are exploring while producing. Congratulate yourself. Onward.”

My answer is, “OK.”



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