Monday, September 8th, 2014


I had Summer packed into two hours and it worked to fulfill the longing Summer brings in Maine even while you are enjoying it.
My dear friend called and said she was back in Maine.
That’s happy news. Then she said, “Come out to my mom’s house and go to the beach.”  

I had lots of writing to do on various projects, I was baby-sitting for my 18 month old grand daughter and I had promised, promised, promised (liar,liar, liar) my husband to help with income taxes for a return that we had extended and extended and the time was now in our faces.

SO, of course, I went to the beach. Probably the spontaneity of the decision made it so fun. “Taxes? Beach?”  Suddenly I felt like a tourist. I loved the drive to the house with roadside  lobster stands,  flower stands and tourist restaurants.  I suddenly had a new wave of affection for my Maine. I saw it with “people from away” fresh eyes.  The sanity, the beauty, the healthy families out biking, the pridefully well-groomed homes, big or little, seemed rare and precious, NOT to be taken for granted. 

My grand daughter went into the ocean naked (unplanned trip, no bathing suit, no extra diaper) and frolicked in the freedom–of a safe welcoming uncrowded beach and accepting people who delighted in her as they walked past.
And I re-connected with my friend’s mom and my grand daughter played with the toys of my friend’s son and so it goes.  

So it goes you are privileged and lucky.
I am.
May I keep this in mind.


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