Sunday, May 28th, 2017


The word ‘surrender’ has been rolling around in my head all week. It emerges like one of the sayings in the Fifties’ toy–the magic eight ball. My intuition is weird. It also sings songs to give me messages! I always walked into work with a song in my head (and often out of my mouth) that seemed to fit the occasion. Not always good either–Whistle While You Work, Get a Job, Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You, You’re Late, You’re Late for a Very Important Date. That way.

So, ‘surrender’?  Not me. Never. Onward. Do or die. Never give up.
Persistence has been good to me and for me. I like being diligent.
Say ‘no’ to me and I’m all in.
Bat away that word, surrender.

Then the phrase ‘sweet surrender’ popped up.  Of course.
This is what I want. Not giving up, but giving in.
My stomach feels the difference immediately.

Some of my ‘sweet surrenders’ are:

—I’m never going to learn to parallel park. I surrender to looking longer for a parking place.

—I’m always going to read or write before I pick up my mess–which usually is books. I surrender to my clutter.

—I will never have all my grandkids living nearby.  I surrender that loss and double enjoy those I have near

—I will never not be a little naughty and nuts. I surrender my dignity

—I will never be thin. I surrender to being voluptuous!

—I will never be an important author.  I surrender to writing anyway

—I will never get holiday cards out on time.  I surrender to using Valentines’ Day for cards–or the 4th of July!

—I will never be young again. I surrender to being mortal.

Whoa. I thought this would be mostly funny. Not so much. Not so much.  But this kind of surrender IS sweet. Try it. Write down your surrenders. You’ll experience peace and softness in your stomach when you mean what you say.  Sweet surrender is the ultimate humility of giving in, proof of being very very human.


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