Monday, November 24th, 2014


 Mandatory gratitude is a good thing.  The discipline of a stance of gratitude is a good thing.  In fact, gratitude is “in”.  It’s been researched and found to help with the immune system, aging well, depression, losing weight, and bringing abundance to life! 

I support gratitude and I love Thanksgiving–my favorite holiday by far.
Food, family, food, thanks, food, time together, food, tradition, food–what’s not to like?

I am interested in how we get numb to our own blessings on a daily basis.
Our heat, our electricity, our friends, our daily abilities become an accepted and expected part of our lives, not the gift that they actually are.  Not every one has them.

And I wonder about how to expand our gratitude to the things and people that hurt us for all the richness and lessons learned from the discomfort.  That’s where the rubber of gratitude meets the road of bad bumps.

From a metaphysical point of view there is nothing better than starting and ending your day with gratitude, daily thanks.  Here’s to Thanksgiving for
putting a habitual time out for gratitude into our lives every year.  An American tradition that could use expanding.  


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