Monday, November 23rd, 2015


Like many of you, I honor my relatives with carrying their dishes forward on Thanksgiving in the US.
I do wish every country celebrated a “thanksgiving” on the same day.
Food and family as a break for peace

MY THANKSGIVING MENU (and those who first made or inspired the dishes) 

Spiced sweet and salty nuts–me
White bean hummus with rosemary–me
Dark Swedish crackers–daughter-in-law

Turkey–17 pounder–dad
Stuffing–mushroom, celery, onion, turkey seasoning from cute yellow box–my mom’s
Mashed potatoes and gravy–my mom’s
Candied sweet potatoes–sauted pieces in butter and brown sugar glaze-my mom’s
Brussel sprouts–new
Green Salad with pear and walnuts–new
Creamed onions–my grandmother
Rolls–my sister-in-law 
Relishes–regular ol’ black olives and Spanish olives–my dad
Canned cranberry jelly-who knows
Cranberry ice–my mom
Cranberry relish–with Lime and Jalepenos–mine
Pumpkin cheese cake with gingersnap crust–my daughters
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream–my mom

Mandatory walk on the beach and then home to leftovers.


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