Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

The Joy of Incompetence


This is my first official post on my new Website readjoyce.com

I’m learning a new system and it feels darn awkward. Habits are a hard to make and hard to break. Wonder if I’ll ever find it hard to eat sugar because the habit of avoiding it is so strong. Then again, addiction is a different animal from habit.

All this to say,  I love the alertness, the adrenalin, the challenge of learning something really new. That in itself, is a drug. I have five adult children and a husband who are the same way. Among them now they are individually working on learning the guitar, doing crossfit, making a CD, cooking ancient French recipes, writing a book (at least three of us) learning Spanish, trying upholstery, studying the Old Testament with Divinity students, creating silver work jewelry, cooking restaurant level food with all local foods, tackling a major landscaping design and so many more that I know I’m missing some big ones and hope none of them read this.

I love the taxology for learning:

—incompetent and don’t know it

—incompetent and know it

—Competent and know it

—Competent automatically and no longer know it

I slide up and down on the continuum for learning all of the time. It’s what keeps me awake. Incompetent and knowing it is the toughest to work through and not quit the effort. Competent and knowing it is very satisfying. Competent and not knowing it any longer is expertise. Time to learn again.

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