Sunday, April 13th, 2014


Whoooa.  That sounds like physics and maybe it is.
Then again, I can make the simple complex.
Oops–physics again.

Anyhow.  I am getting ready to leave Mexico for Maine.
A transition.

One of my son’s said, “You know, you lose a month out of your life for that Mexico transition.  A week thinking about it, a week doing the logistics of the change and then, on the other side, a week doing the logistics of arriving and a week getting soul and spirit in place.” And  we do this transition twice a year.  Two months  of adjustment? Factor in visits with far flung kids.  More transition.  Add life events like deaths and births.  Pile on the people in your life doing the same.  Moving, changing jobs, making and breaking relationships.  New boss, New location, new house, new schools, new job title.

Where did stability go?  I remember in my workplace when we prepared people for change and transition.  We talked about it, we communicated about it, we gave support to people–BEFORE the change occurred. Transition was something that happened in between stable times of people, jobs, relationships, and geography.  

Now I can’t even live psychology in one time zone.  I interact intimately with people in five different states of time and mind.  Wine time?  Coffee time?
Oooops too early in the morning time.

So where is and what is stability now?  Do we live in perpetually confused seas?
I think so.  So maybe my cell phone is my home base.  Maybe Facebook is my club house.  Maybe LinkedIn is my office.  Maybe Netflix series are my community and continuity.  Virtual connection can be quite real and satisfying. Maybe that’s why people cling to it.  I dont’ know. Just thinking out loud.

I do know that silence and an hour alone is my stable place.
Where I am.
Where I stand.
From where I navigate all the other movement in my life.
Stability in a world veering toward chaos.



  1. Gives new meaning to that expression, "you are where you are suppose to be". Keep thinking out loud, I love your thinking!

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