Monday, January 12th, 2015


Yes, I am doing my Ten in Ten plan.
Yes, I am taking photos of my cullings.
No, I haven’t posted them on Face book
I’m on Day Four

And, like always, I’ve learned some things:

—I will honor a commitment I’ve made out loud

—This was a “should” commitment, so I do it without much oomph

—I am surprised at how hard it is for me to let go of stuff if it was a gift
   or has a modicum of sentimental value i.e. a broken acorn that was once 
   whole and reminded me of my swaddled grandson when he came home
   from the hospital. Now multiply that. I’m a sentiment hoarder.

—It is good to do a small bite if it is a “should” commitment

—It helps a lot to think of it as bigger than “get ride of 100 pieces of junk”
  Being a little grandiose motivates me. “I am clearing space for new energy.”

—Books need to go unless they are joy givers. I have too many and need to 
  pass them on

—It is liberating to let go of stuff even at this modest level 

—I put the culled stuff on the porch to make sure it went away. There it sits
   frozen in snow! Jokster at work

—There is always a “blue plastic shovel”.  I have been looking and overlooking
   a blue plastic toy shovel. Grand kids may use it when they come this
   Summer. OK, where do I put it to keep for 6 months? OK, the toy bin is in     
   the garage, iced in. What the hell, I’ll just put it back on the shelf with
   cookware in the  basement.  Where I’ll see it all the time. OK, I’ll just 
   throw it out. Wasteful.  Seriously! That’s my thought process. To the rescue!
   Into the frozen pile it goes.  There will always be a blue plastic shovel.

This is trivial stuff. Stuff is always a detractor of real issues.  I end with a declaration of my profound feeling of impotence when I think of Paris. Killed for being funny when humor is the answer.   “Je suis Charlie”.


1 thought on “UPDATE ON TEN IN TEN”

  1. You have inspired me to clean out my closet, TODAY!

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