Monday, September 29th, 2014


Monday–not doing so well on challenge.
Wake up to husband measuring windows for possible replacement
(passive aggressive?)  No, just narrow focus on a goal.  
Sums up my week though. 

I did minimal computer work but missed it.I have to admit that coming to the computer does feel like a vacation. MY world.  My choice what to do.  Refreshing surprises.  Manageable Comforting.  No wonder we run to them.  Like a pacifier. Self-soothing.  

 I did stay up til 1:30 every night reading and speed watching Mad Men with not thought of “having” to go to bed.  Not the sort of soulless fodder to gorge on before bed. I had a Mad Men hangover every morning. Almost made me want to smoke too.  

Lessons learned:

–My computer is fun. Don’t want or need a break from it. In fact I did a virtual college reunion last week when I and others couldn’t go in person.  It made for a better, deeper connection among whole group. We wrote questions and memories for the 3 day event.

–Hard to take big break when your spouse isn’t. Being under on roof takes  
  coordination and contact.  And he was great at keeping it minimal.

–The universe frequently has ironic humor. Went for an indulgent facial.
   Two hours!! Left with warning about cancerous spot that needs immediate a

–Sweet surprise moments are just as good as a vacation. More refreshing.
  A slow walk (not exercise) with my husband, musing about everything.
  Watching a TV football game with my 18 month old granddaughter on my lap
  (content and not squirming)

–A creative collaborative meeting with the woman who is working with me 
  on my book–I PRAY ANYWAY–Devotions for the Ambivalent.  No vacation is 
  better than creative collaboration

–Working too hard to have a vacation isn’t one

So vacation sucked, but life was good


1 thought on “VACATION SUCKED!”

  1. Laughing out loud as I read this. You transfer your personality so well in your writing Joyce! Sending great thoughts your way regarding that facial find, that does suck!

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