Monday, August 25th, 2014


My brain has wander lust.  That’s a very good thing.  It means I’m ready to explore, get more grist for the mill.  I’m tired of familiar topics and interests.  The Internet is perfect for this kind of refreshment.  Bumping into disparate things is the basis of most creativity and innovation.
Don’t make sense of your interests.  Just follow your nose.  
For instance:

 I want to paint.  I do every once in a while for friends or kids birthday cards.

 I want to look at kids’ art.  It slays me because it’s so good.

I want to watch ballet on streaming video and compare dancers.  Why? I dunno.
I want to read vegan recipes til I’m ready to cook some.  Takes a lot of cashews to replace cream!!
I want to speed watch House of Cards so I don’t get too scared or disgusted.
I want to understand the mathematics behind crop circles
I want to read fictional history of the middle east—as if any history isn’t fictional
I want to read specific shaman practices of the Inca–I just do!
I want to play Bubble Witch–I’ve ditched Candy Crush.  I hate those creeping chocolates
I want to respond to people on my Linkedin page

I want to see if i want to read Boswell’s biography of Samuel Johnson

I want to not read for a week to see what emerges
Listen to Joseph Campbell:
–Wandering time is positive.  Don’t think of new things.  Don’t think of achievement, don’t think anything of the kind. Just think, ‘Where do I feel good?  What is giving me joy?’—


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