Sunday, April 23rd, 2017


I don’t plan ahead when I write my truth burps. That makes it fun and interesting to me.
I sit and usually a theme or thought emerges. Not today. I have a torrent of thoughts.
Or at least I can’t settle on one. (Yep, had a luxurious cup of great very caffeinated coffee
in bed this morning–red cup too)  So here I go:

–I have always said and felt, “The more the merrier. Come on in. Let’s play”.  I supported open enrollment for higher education allowing for different levels of ability. As I kid, I assumed that biography shelves (anybody old enough to remember the orange covered series of biographies of famous people?) were there for everyone’s story. I wanted to hear everyone’s stories. And now we can and are with Indie publishing and social media channels.  AND it overwhelms me and I want to plug my ears. It reminds me of a question one of my sons asked me when he was about eight years old. “Is everyone thinking?” “Yep”,I responded.
“All the time?” he continued. “Yep”, I was driving and half listening. Then, my son said, “Is there room for all the thoughts?”

There you have it.  Is there room for all our thoughts, all our photos, all are stories, all our gripes?  Yes. We have to make room. And we also need the skill to step away from the too muchness to hear and know our own thoughts. We need critical skills to curate what we want to take in and what we don’t. We need paths that take us where we want to go and we need to take a detour now and then so we don’t reinforce only our sameness. We need to listen to more than words and the visual. We need discernment. We need to clear space for our cluttered brains.

And so, listening to what I just wrote, I’ll save my other thoughts for another time.
We live in a “too much is never enough” time. I’ve shared enough.


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