Sunday, July 3rd, 2016


For my USA readers, I wonder how you would answer the title question.
I love to ask it for all kinds of special days. What has to be present for Christmas, Ramadan, Cinco de Mayo, birthdays, name days——-
More than the question, I love the answers.
I wish we were all in a room together to share responses to any and all of these questions.

My answers?
–Memories of childhood 4th of July have to be present
  * Flags on every porch
  *Sparklers that were big and fat and burned for a long time
  * Snakes!! An odd pellet that burned and turned to a snake like ash and left a
   scar on the sidewalks which drove my dad nuts
  *Punks! Punks looked like a sparkler but burned slowly and smoked and kept
   mosquitoes away–if any were left after big trucks spread DDT from a blower 
   (which we kids followed down the alley as it covered us in poison fumes,
   happy and dumb).
  *Blueberry pie made with a Crisco crust
  *Electric Fans going in every room
  *Dads at home for a holiday respected by blue collars employers
  *Sweaty games of flashlight tag at dusk as we waited for fire works and could
   stay up later than usual.
  *Fire works that were up close and loud and scary with everyone laying on
   their blankets giving out loud oohs and ash at the same time.

–Today’s permutations?
  *Strawberry shortcake for sure
  *Sparklers that still delight me even if sort of puny
  *A discussion about whether to go to see fireworks and then always going
    even if the fireworks are muted and far away
  *Chalk to show grandchildren to play hopscotch and to teach them what a
    lagger was. (A lagger was your special rock or object to use to throw in the
    right box to get the right for your turn. Mine was a piece of a tar roof shingle.
    We did not mess with one another’s lagger)
  * Ladder golf
  * And, probably, at least one kale salad!!!

We are a country based on a shocking experiment of self-government that many questioned. May we become better selves so that we may have better government and realize what a privilege it is to self-govern.



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