Monday, May 16th, 2016


*Not liking to work hard or be active
*Moving slowly
*Not energetic or vigorous
*Not rigorous

As we head into summer, we are given permission, if not an obligation, to be lazy. As in lazy days of summer.  When did you start not having them?  When DID you have them? The concept of lazy has me a little crazy. (Did not plan that rhyme.)

I’m thinking about this because I received five emails this week from friends calling themselves lazy. None of them are, but that’s how they self-labeled what they were doing (or not doing). I so get it. I have the same monkey on my back. I somehow have to ‘earn’ the down time of so-called laziness. I see our culture’s craziness in how we turn leisure into productivity–how many runs down the mountain, how many miles in a bike ride, how many pounds lifted. I believe there is a human need to produce, to make impact, to keep busy to survive as in “go get that food.”

And there is another human need to be lazy.
Think the kind of summertime lazy when you were a kid.

— No awareness of time and how to ‘use’ it
–Sliding easily from doing to not doing
–Sitting and waiting for the next thing to happen 
–Just sitting
–Unaware of playing as ‘play’
–No sense of time or constraint
–A spacious sense of freedom 

I read that and think of the planning going on in my life for summer and I wince. I want more ‘lazy’ and, not being a kid, will have to build it in. Or let the kid in me run away to play.


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