Monday, March 3rd, 2014


I am in a perfect moment right now.
And just starting to ruin it.
Well, maybe not.

It is one of my dappled sunlight moments.  Seems that dappled light is just right for perfect moments. Looking out over the field and mountains below my writing spot on the balcony.  White butterflies flit by. Mexico is good. I went to the local chapel this morning and saw everyone from my Mexican community.  Talked to kids in the US.  All goes well.  My sister-in-law is visiting. We cook and chat about family memories.  We plan to go into town to the main square and then to dinner at a restaurant that looks over the maximum amount of church steeples and domes.  Leaves sparkle, birds sing, no family drama intervenes.  Everything hangs fire.  (That’s a great phrase–use it)  I am poised in what everyone works hard to get to—-the here and now.  I am content.

Here’s the tricky part.  I begin to get exhilarated about being content.
Which makes me want to share the perfect moment.  Which also kills the perfect moment. Get it? So I write to you.  The moment dissipates a little.

Then the phone rings.  Gone.  Done.  Bye-bye perfect moment.

What to do with a perfect moment?
Let it be.  Kill desire to share it.
Don’t answer the phone.
Do not move.
Do not take a “selfie” of the perfect moment.
Let it sink in–absorb it.
Don’t talk about it.

See what I mean.  Just starting to ruin it. Can I bring it back?


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