Monday, May 12th, 2014


I write this to brag and apologize at the same time. 

(This is the apology part)
My husband and I  have all adult children at this point in time.
I mean bona fide -able to handle whatever comes into their lives -adults.
And most are parents too.
We are peer parents!!
Sort of.

We still have been first  to places they are just beginning to go.
It’s called experience.
And we want to share it, forgetting that we didn’t want our own parents’ wisdom.  

So we bumble along, sometimes overlooking our kids’ competence and age and we–oh my gosh–we nag!!  We over advise.  We have strong opinions.  We worry that we see what they don’t.  It is our habit to want to keep them safe.
And there is a subtle shift that will grow over time as they begin to want to keep us safe.  And we will want to shrug that off in the same way.

But there are such lovely aspects to having adult children.
(This is the brag part.)

FOR MOTHER’S DAY–What Pleases Me About My Adult Kids:
–They love a good laugh
–I would trust any one of them to be on a jury.  They have great character and judgment
–They are curious with wide ranging interests and passions and bring their worlds to us
–They are hard workers, thanks to the family chore chart in their lives
–They are astute observers, insightful and compassionate
–I could go on a week long vacation with any one of them and we would have a ball and not get on one another’s nerves (too badly)
–They know how to celebrate and express love
–They are stalwart and loyal to one another
–And most importantly–they like board games and appreciate the role of pop corn in one’s life

I love you, my dear adult children!



  1. It sounds like these adult children parents must have done a pretty good job, or are still doing a pretty good job. Happy Mothers Day Joyce!

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