Saturday, November 9th, 2013


I hate to step on an old saying, but sometimes will doesn’t work.
Sometimes there isn’t enough power behind the will.
When there is, it’s quite wonderful.
The vision pulls you for forward with some bumping and bruising  but it is all rather grand and exciting.
Grab it and enjoy.

But sometimes, optimism flags.
Big dreams sputter.
Using the will seems to create more resistance than forward movement.

Then it’s time to use the way not the will.
Here’s how I find my way to more will power.

I stop.
I let things brew until a way comes clear.  I could go into new physics to explain why this works but it does.

Or, I make a small, as in teeney tiny, baby step toward action.
Easy action.
My examples?
I’ve scheduled a meeting with a designer to add to my blog site.
I’ve looked up names for a virtual assistant.
I signed up for a writers’ conference in San Miguel.
I’ve scheduled a bi-weekly meeting to co-consult with a friend.

I don’t have the ooomph to go further right now.
But these actions with get the ball into play for me.
And will give me energy and optimism for more
Which will build my will until it catches fire again.

Don’t wear yourself out straining your will power.
Feed it a little with small bites.
Doing something different takes staying power, sometimes bursts of energy
sometimes dry spells.  

Use a little “way” power.


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