Sunday, May 21st, 2017


To keep Truth Burps ‘true’ to its premise, I never know what I’m going to write about and I never write ahead of my deadline. (Probably wouldn’t anyway, but you know what I mean.)
However ideas do come and go during the week.

Here’s my funny story for this week and then a thought about a new product that is emerging and will become big. Thus speaketh Joyce.

Story first. I have had easy good health for most of my life. Not now. One does pay the piper, darn it. I am the inflammation poster woman. I have always been interested in emerging health stuff because I have seen many things go from ridicule to mainstream like acupunture, vegetarian diet, omnipresent Yoga for Pete’s sake. So I decide to go to a functional doctor.  (The Institute for Functional Medicine teaches practitioners how to uncover the underlying causes of your health problems through careful history taking, physical examination, and laboratory testing)

I make the appointment from Mexico. I go two days ago. Th e office is hard to find and poorly signed. I wonder. Nice enough inside. Hour long form to fill out. Could use it as a structure for a memoir. Nice education room. Lots on agriculture and plants. I meet with the doctor who is lovely–organized, tender, listens deeply, seems well versed in my issues AND ends up certifying me for medical marijuana use!!! She gives me a list of possible ‘products’ and where the dispensary is. I laugh my head off and so does she. I am so proud of my little card and can’t wait to tell my kids. This was the best medical exam I’ve ever had. She will do much more traditional testing and treatment.

I just like to see how things emerge and morph and manifest. Marijuana has gone from evil to boringly practical and highly refined!! And I am very curious.

OK, I hate writers and workshop leaders who don’t do what they say they will. So new product? Solitude and silence. It’s starting now. People are paying to disconnect and to avoid being overstimulated. We are drowning in stuff and connectivity and are willing to pay for
stepping away from it. Let’s watch how that emerges. More on this—-maybe.


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