Monday, November 18th, 2013


I’ve been mulling it over this week.
I don’t have an answer.
Feel free to give me yours.

It started when one of my daughters sent me a video to watch. (See GOODIE BAG)
It tells the story of a woman herbalist and occasional gypsy dweller.
Don’t yawn yet.
My daughter has a lot of healer in her (and gypsy too) so I was glad to watch the video.  And, I love when my kids send me info on their enthusiasms.

The compelling part of the video is seeing a person be so utterly fully
completely who she is—-over a whole life time.  I found it soothing.  It made me hopeful.  It made me braver to be truer myself.
For some of us, this is the work of a lifetime. This dear lady, Juliette, was who she was from start to finish.

It’s not that being genuine is admirable necessarily.  I’ve had a spell of buffoonish mistakes in word and deed.  I’m chagrined but people have responded by telling me how much they enjoy how “real” I am!! 

Go figure.  So what’s the chemistry of being genuine that  rubs off on other people whether the genuine is goony or grand?  What is it that responds in us?  
Can you strive to be authentic or would that ruin the effort?  There is relief in being around real deal people.  It gives something substantial and stable to connect to.  And there is a kind of celebration of the unique involved.

Anyway, this is one quirky lady and it led me to think about the daily step by step courage it takes to be true to yourself and your gift.  And the power in it for others.



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