Monday, February 2nd, 2015


I will dig around in my happiness to find some words, but not many.
All my adult kids were in the house this week-end.  That  would be five.

We celebrated their dad’s birthday.
We decided to keep it sloppy and lazy and easy.

Everyone flew or drove in, put on their flannel and settled in.
There was one late afternoon snow walk and forays out to the best bakery in the world (Scratch in South Portland, Maine) but that was it.
Other than that, we drifted in and out of conversations and marveled that some people slept in rooms they had never slept in before!

The best part for me was falling asleep hearing my kids laugh and knowing they were all safe (that’s a left over from teen-age years).

So I have no more words for today.  Happiness trumps talk.
Then again, I am still in a carbo/ sugar coma.
(And the Patriots did win)


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