Monday, May 5th, 2014


What can I say?
It’s May.
And I have a fire in the fireplace.
A May Day log.

I’m glad it’s gray and damp enough that I thought to do it.
I have been simply sitting with the fire.
Not reading. 
Not writing until now.

I have had many heart tenderizing moments lately.
Big cosmic feelings of the largeness of life and my instant in it.
Anyone’s instant in it.

So it’s time for some comfort and some soothing.
Those of us who are stalwart forget to do this.

I used to be diligent about lighting a candle when we sat down to eat or when I had a tough desk job to do.  I always traveled with candles that could make any lousy motel room cozy. And when one of my kids has an important moment I light a candle for them–births, big presentations, travel. (I seriously light it and put it in the bath tub for safety)  You know I do.  In fact I have one burning now for the heathy welcome into life of a new and imminent grandchild.

Ooops.  Just slipped into revery.
Where was I?

I know.  I’m bringing back the candles!
That tiny flame calms, slows, warms, settles, provides beauty and movement.
That’s a lot from a candle.
Know that you need all of those candle goodies.
This world is at an odd moment.
We need tiny moments of peace.

AND the universe is sooooo funny.  I just wrote “Peace” and the phone rang with a creditor for some bill that didn’t get paid while we were in Mexico!!!
I need a bonfire now.


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