Sunday, August 27th, 2017

A Lovely Moment–All American Moment


I am sharing my daughter’s Facebook entry for today–August 27th. It has been a perfect Maine summery Summer. I have gone to Nonantum Inn with my Portland, Oregon daughter for an overnight, been to Aquaboggin with my granddaughter, played ladder golf (not enough) played board games on the front porch, had lobsters, quiet mornings on the side porch with coffee and my kind of prayer. Storybook template of Maine Summer………all the while with new emergence of hate and anger and lack of connections humans and Americans. And tragedies too have been in the forefront whether individual as in senseless murders or collectively as in Texas today.  And yet, most places I go I meet wonderfully generous, kind, fair, everyday people. The discrepancy gives me soul dissonance. So as Summer begins to taper off, I offer my daughter’s Facebook entry –a very hopeful message from a very American iconic place–a ballpark. Here it is:



Last night I went to a Portland Sea Dogs (baseball) game at Hadlock Fieldwith my daughter and her dad. We lasted about 4 innings as usual, but it was a gorgeous summer evening I was happy to watch some of the game and eat all of the nachos with hot liquid cheese.

At around the third inning the announcer asked everyone to stand up which was weird – we had already stood for the national anthem… but we all did as we were told.

The announcer then read a clear and powerful message as everyone was standing.

I wish I could remember his exact words but I know they included “standing against hate”, celebrating inclusion, showing respect, and “contributing to your community.”

No one got mad and no one sat down.

In fact, after the stun wore off, we all cheered wildly. Some of us even shook hands or high fived the person next to us.

And then the game went on.

To me this was a beautiful example of the elegant use of power. Someone realized, “we have a crowd and a microphone… let’s use it to share our message.”

And with a message that is so deeply human and universal (not political and not partisan), how COULD anyone push against it?

I have no idea who sponsored this message (do any of you?!), but I would love to give them hug and a “thank you.”

How can we use our own power and influence to creatively foster the positive vs. attacking the negative?

-quoted from “Power Versus Force” by David R. Hawkins


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