Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Can’t be a truth burp if I can’t say—

I just can’t write much. I feel lousy. Stuffed head and runny nose. Boo hoo. What I like is telling the truth on my truth burp blog!!

So I have opened up time so that it lasts longer and there is more of it. Sounds like Physics doesn’t it? It helps to remember that time is a human construct so we can de-construct it a little.

So after talking about my time hunger last week, I’ve done a few things that please me.

—I don’t watch the hyper-stimulating news at night. It makes everything go into “hurry up” mode. The world will blow up, the old will die poor, no one in power can collaborate, men are awful, women are victims and all of it is talked about fast and scathingly. I read my news now.

—Since last week I sit in front of the Christmas tree with headphones on and listen to Christmas music before heading to bed.  I sing, I direct the chorus, I exalt. (Those who know me well, know I am not exaggerating). I turn the lights out and take off my glasses so there is a nice glow. I can’t see the pile of gloves to be sorted, the laundry basket heading to the basement and the boxes of ornaments to be put on the tree this Wednesday. I enter Christmas and it is timeless.

—I watch Netflix and Amazon series looking for optimism and good humans. Two I like are One Mississippi and A Place to Call Home

—This year I have asked my usual company for Christmas Eve to bring a short reading that gives hope. We will stoke hope and enjoy all the goodies too. Hope does not kill fun.Hope is not solemn.

I had an artilce published in the Portland Press Herald under Maine Voices on December 6th if you want to dig it up online. It was about hope. The editor picked out a phrase I used that I wouldn’t have put in the title but I love it. The phrase was “spiritually fit”. I will want to hear more from you about what this means to you, but for me I know that it contains determined optimism, ego management, and the ability to put others first as well as working to transcend hate and violence and evolving to caring about good. As my Rangeley neighbor put it when we were sharing a bottle of wine and discussing the meaning of life, “We were put here to learn to love better.” Mic drop.

Where’s the Vick’s Vapor Rub?




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