Monday, October 23rd, 2017



I did a spiritual Play Shop last week. It was a nibble of the possible. And it left me hungry. For more. For different. I have a cosmic itch for larger exploration and impact.

It was an invitational so people came because I asked them and they are generous souls, Some searching souls. When you take an idea to reality, it always surprises.

The PlayShop was based on my book I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent. I am writing a discussion and playshop guide to use with it and wanted to test a few ideas. (By the way, please buy the book. It is available on Amazon right now. I’m accused of not reminding peoplle to buy the book. I am guilty, So this is my call to action–By My Book. I PRAY ANYWAY.)

There were many spiritual stances in the room. Four Jewish, three Christian, one Muslim, one Atheist, three ambivalents, three agnostics, one informal Buddhist, and one Secular Humanist.

People shared their spiritual journeys with one another in groups of three. They loved hearing one another’s stories. We talked about prayer in a library, out loud in a large group. An assessment done as people arrived showed that more people prayed sometimes to regularly than were sure of a belief in God. (This follows the  national trend as shown by Pew Research in 2014). We even wrote blessins on the work. A blessing is a great “work around” when prayer feels false of icky. Yes, I said ‘icky’.

Here’s what I learned:

I am a Spiritual Pioneer. I am looking for what holds regardless of what forms sacred life takes. More time than 21/2 hours is needed to dig deep. I need to try an open to the public Playshop to see who wants this kind of exploration. The title of my book is tricky. (Buy My Book) The word ‘prayer’ turns off some people and the word ‘ambivalent’ turns off others. I want to dig deeper. As one palmtop participant said, “Prayer needs to be re-branded” which I think is what I am trying to do with my book (Please Buy I PRAY ANYWAY). The discussion and payshop  guide is a good idea.

What really resonated with everyone was the need for conversation with people very different from oneself in order to create  new common ground for a value structure to guide us all as one people and that talking about the sacred in a secular setting is helpful. Not a miracle. Helpful.

And I want to help. I have a cosmic itch to scratch.



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